Top Four Easy Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Top Four Easy Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Gardening can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner. When it comes to plants, it all comes to your personal preferences. You can choose between decorative plants and ‘useful’ plants such as herbs or produce. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got a list of great options that are easy to grow and are always welcome in a garden.

Salad leaves

Salad leavesCrunchy and fresh salad leaves which have a broad range of textures and flavors can be a perfect meal during the hot summer months. You can buy salad mix and plant it in your garden; you will only have to wait for two weeks before they are ready. The great thing about salad leaves is that you can harvest them again and again. With lettuce leaves, you can make delicious salads and sides for any meal.

Spring onions and Radishes

You can spice up your salads with spring onion and radishes. Even If you don’t have compost beds, you can grow them in pots or plant them directly into the ground. During summer month, their colourful crunch can be a perfect refreshment.


MntMint is an excellent medicinal plant which has numerous health benefits and a wide range of uses. You can use the mint as a herb or as a tea. You can leave it outside during winter months because mint can handle low temperatures. Make sure to plant it in a pot because it tends to spread very quickly. Mint only requires a lot of water, and it doesn’t have any particular requirement regarding the land.

Onions and garlic

They are quite easy to plant and very healthy, especially garlic. You can just put onion bulbs or separate garlic glove into the soil in spring or autumn, and they are ready for a couple of months. Garlic has extraordinary healing benefits and can prevent many dangerous diseases.